Joanne Brown

In 2011 my daughter Amber age 6 was diagnosed with a rare giant cell glioblastoma grade 4 brain tumor. It was successfully removed and amber recieved radiothearpy and chemotherapy. We were told she had a 20% chance of survival after treatment. For the last 5 years Amber had done amazing and we began to think we had beat it. Much to our devastation on december 20th 2016 on a routine check up our world fell apart once again with the news that amber had 2 tumours on her brain. Alderhey was offering us standard treatment again but we wanted to know if there was anything out there better. I already followed the Charlies Chance Foundation and decided to get in touch with them. Sophie & Rob went out of their way to source other forms of treatment that maybe available to amber elsewhere. They were also willing to take on any paperwork and listened to us and offered us support as they know only too well the anxiety this disease causes. One thing you should never have to think about when your child is poorly are your finances. Charlies Chance Foundation helped us massively by donating money to us to ease the financial pressure and to let us concentrate getting amber through her treatment. We are truly greatful to them and cannot thatnk them enough for all their help and support. Amber finished her treatment on friday and so far so good. We would like to thank them for everything xxx Joanne, Darren, Reece & Amber.